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Easy Granite Tile Color Assurance Program (CAP)

Color variability is one of the realities of working with any natural stone, and granite is no exception. Easy Granite Tile has gone to extra lengths to provide a color-consistent line of granite tile, but the challenge of providing our customers with the exact granite product that they want does not end there.

In doing business over the internet, we are all limited in our ability to compare colors by the degree of calibration of our own video displays. That is why Easy Granite Tile has developed our Color Assurance Program (CAP.) With our CAP Program we are able to ensure that there is no misunderstanding between EGT and our customers with regard to the actual color of granite tile that will be in your order.

Once your order is placed and your tile has been selected, a sample tile from your order is pulled and express-shipped to your doorstep for your approval. This ensures that the color of tile you wanted is the color of tile you receive. (We also polish one edge on the sample tile.) No fabrication of any kind will be performed on your tile order until we have received your color confirmation.