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EGT Help - Granite Tile Ordering
Counter Design Summary

Once you've entered your location information you'll be ready to select your counter shape.

If you have more than one counter in your kitchen, run a separate calculation for each counter.

After selecting your counter shape:

1) Use the buttons to select the arrangement of walls and cabinets next to your counter.

2) Then enter your counter's dimensions. Do not subtract out the sink or stove. If a sink or stove is included in the counter use the buttons below the dimensions to specifiy this.

3) Click on a button to indicate whether you'd like to include a backsplash or not.

The next page gives you the discounted price and summarizes the information about your counter(s), including dimensions, number of tiles, price and discounts.

Selecting The Counters You Wish To Purchase

If you wish to purchase the tile (and custom edging) for this counter, click on the "Add To Shopping Cart" button. You may add up to five counters to your shopping cart. Counters may be deleted from your shopping cart.

Kitchens With Multiple Counters

Some kitchens have more than one counter. Or you may wish to add counters located in other rooms. To add another counter, AFTER adding this counter to your shopping cart click on one of the buttons at the top. These buttons are:

Select Another Style - Use this button to calculate the tile and edging needed for another counter that will have the same color tile, but is a different style.

Select Another Color - Use this button to select a different tile color for another counter. You may also use this button to start over from the beginning with a different color tile. In that case do not put this counter in yourshopping cart.

Previous Page - Use this button to either change the dimensions of this counter, or calculate the tiles and edging needed for another counter of the same style and using the same color tile.

Placing Your Order

Once you have all of the counters you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, click on the "Process Order" button. You'll then be asked to enter your complete shipping address and credit card information to finalize your order. Once you submit your order you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive an email when your color assurance sample tile ships. This tile is used to get your final approval of the tile color before your order is shipped.