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"EasyGraniteTile.com would be my first choice for tile every time. Because of Easy Granite Tile, my granite tile installation was the easiest part of our kitchen remodel. My wife loves her new counters. I have referred Easy Granite Tile to many of my friends." - M.S., Bellevue, Texas

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"Thank you all for the beautiful granite tiles & the great service, e-mail updates & advice.It was great to track our shipment. We actually received it a day earlier than expected. While we were skeptical about such a large purchase on line, it worked out great. Your company did what is advertised & on time. Our kitchen is going to be great. We will tell everyone where the granite was obtained. Good luck in the future." - H.W.

Unbeatable Customer Service

"How you handled the concern and the resolution was in-keeping with great
business practices. You continue to represent an outstanding company who regards all customers equal and true caring is displayed in all aspects of a
purchase. I would recommend you and your company to anyone who is in the market for great service before, during and after the sale."

Tony Blair, NE


Customer Photo Gallery
Photos and Comments From Two Recent Customers

If you'd like to show everyone how great your Easy Granite Tile counters look, send us your photographs. We'll feature two recently installed counters on this page. One of them could be yours! (We won't use your full name and location unless we have your permission.)

Newly installed kitchen counters made with easy granite tile.Easy Granite Tile installed in a kitchen in Pennsylvania.

An Easy Granite Tile Kitchen CounterThese first four pictures show the counters installed by Paul in Pennsylvania. He told us:

"It was a pleasure dealing with your company. The over night sample, the tile calculator, the pricing, the crating and the live phone advice was all perfect. We are very pleased and would highly recommend you to all who visit your site and have any doubts."

Close view of granite tile after installation

Granite Tile Counters in PennsylvaniaHere are close-up views from Paul's excellent do-it-yourself installation.

With granite tile from Easy Granite Tile, you get premium quality edging that can't be matched. That means that tile edges match and your counters have a smooth, even finish that no one notices.

What's that... no one notices? That's right. People notice the imperfections. But enjoy the beauty of perfection. With tile from Easy Granite Tile there are no imperfections to notice. Each and every tile will have exactly the same machined edging. That means every tile fits perfectly next to any other tile, and the corners are smooth and perfect. People will notice the beauty of our counters and the luxurious sparkle from the finely polished edges.

Granite Tile Counters in WisconsinEasy Granite Tile installed in a kitchen in Wisconsin.
The quality of edging from Easy Granite Tile can not be matched.These four pictures show an Easy Granite Tile counter in Wisconsin. These counters were installed by a professional tile setter. You can do-it-yourself, or hire a professional to install your counters. Either way you get quality that can't be beat.
For a beautiful kitchen, use Easy Granite Tile

Superior Quality From Easy Granite TileFor a great looking kitchen, that will truly impress your friends and family, get the quality of Easy Granite Tile. You'll be glad you did.

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